• The Design Speciality of these pumps allows pumping out a certain amount of mud, dirt and suspended solids.
  • Suitable for handling water and non corrosive liquids having temperature up to 60′ C
  • Non clog and semi open type impeller enables to handle solids of 7 to 40 mm as per model.
  • Back pull out design enable to service without disturbing the pipe line.
  • Easy maintenance with interchangeable parts and separate gland cover.


  • Suitable for Pumping muddy water, sewage, polluted liquids including solids etc.
  • Dewatering Docks, Ports, Vessels, Swamps, Basements, Trenches, Construction sites, Swimming pools etc.
  • Transfer for chemicals, solvents, Effluents, Hot water, Chilled Water, Condensate etc.


Impeller : Cast Iron / SS-316, SS-304 / Bronze or as per request

Casing : Cast Iron / SS-316, SS-304 / Bronze or as per request

Shaft / Sleeve : EN-8 / SS-316, SS-304 or as per request

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