High precision and innovative materials are driving the pump technology

Whether it's in the mining, energy, petrochemical, pharmacy, ground and wastewater conveyance or the process technology industry: Without suitable pumps, applications for these industries would be inconceivable.

T he Company has build and enviable reputation for producing high quality valves and pumps. The established Quality Assurance Systems ensure that each pumps and valve is constructed in accordance with the international codes. They have been audited and inspected by major inspecting authorities’ material test Certificate is provided to guarantee the material of construction and Test Cum Guarantee Certificate is provided to guarantee the products.
A ll parts are assembled and/or manufactured to customer drawings and specifications which are filed by drawing number. The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for the charging out and controlling of drawings and specifications. In addition, the Quality Assurance Manager ensures that the correct revisions of drawings are being used for assembly, manufacturing, and inspection
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