CSR Acivities

An organisation can truly be called 'progressively
responsible' only when it protects not just the financial
interest of its clients, but also secures environmental and
societal interests and delivers holistic value.

At Megatech, we are consistently improving our performance on all three fronts. While we
continue to expand our business activities to deliver better clients returns, we are also investing in
talent and technology, to continually lower our environmental footprint.

In manufacturing, 'using less to produce more' is right, but not enough. It is also important that we
do right with what is left behind. When it comes to managing waste, our first priority is to reduce
and reuse, wherever possible, and responsibly dispose whatever little is left.

Our waste
system is
aimed to

Sharpen cost-

Ensure regulatory

Strengthen community

keep the environment clean
for future generations

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