We uncover innovative solutions for use in practice, through research and development of all our high-pressure products.

Our daily business is research and development: Hardly any our products are older than five years. This new and continued development extends to all areas - from electrics through mechanics to the hydraulic construction. We use new ideas and systematic procedures to continually tap new fields of application, optimize our high-pressure products for existing application fields, and increase parameters such as power input and operating pressure from pump generation to pump generation. In short, we constantly improve the performance of our products.

Especially in the case of performance improvement, one of our most important tasks is to coordinate the development of all the components involved in the system. For example pump performance classes: Components, such as control, circulation and safety valves have to be redesigned for a new generation of performance.

Megatech Engineers continuously develops new materials and construction principles

All new products pass specific tests in our laboratories under “customer need” conditions

Our development engineers cooperate closely with our product engineers

We optimize performance, long life and product quality with the lowest possible production costs of the required pumps and valves

Our product- and manufacturing technology is state-of-the-art

We design our products to improve our customers competitive edge in the marketplace

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