MEGATECH PUMP is unmatched in the industry for high volume/low head pumping requirements...especially when corrosive and/or abrasive solutions are involved. Extended service life, mechanical reliability, custom engineering, and a wide range of materials allow the Model MAF SERIES to stand out as the leader in the field.

For continuous circulation of corrosive/abrasive solutions and process wastes. Proven performance in a variety of services around the world.


Chemical Process pump having top centerline discharge, self-venting casting, arranged for back pull-out. Fully confined gasket. Foot support under casing for maximum resistance to misalignment and distortion from pipe loads. ANSI-B-16.5 (Class 150) flanges standard, ANSI-B-16.5 (Class 300) optional for working pressure to 2550 kPa with 3 mm corrosion allowance. For Maximum Corrosion-erosion resistance casing is supplied without tapped openings but gauge and drain plug openings are provided when specified.


Pump Impeller matched to casting for high efficiency and low NPSH. Fully open, has partial shrounds for maximum vane support without high thrust inherent in closed impellers. Stuffing box pressure reduced and entrance of solids prevented by back pump-out vanes. Large smoothly contoured flow passages combine best slurry and solid handling ability. Impeller is locked on shaft with impeller lock-nut and are sealed by Teflon (PTFE) gasket. State of the art casting methods provide smoothest possible surfaces for highest efficiency. All impellers are statically balanced.


Pump having a single piece shaft is designed for 0.05 mm maximum diflection at stuffing box face. all critical surfaces ground to less than 0.8 micron.



evaporator and crystallize circulation

Mining & Minerals

Phosphate, soda ash, potash, & sodium chloride processing


Polypropylene reactors, xylene

Pulp & Paper

Black liquor evaporator, chlorine dioxide generators


Sewage digesters


Raw water pumping, flood control, marine ballast transfer

Testing Capabilities

MEGATECH's in house propeller pump test loop allows testing through 15,000 m3/h. This testing capability represents our dedication to the continued development of custom and advanced hydraulic capabilities to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our in house testing facility includes a 100 HP variable frequency drive and a fully instrumented test lab for measuring flow, head, efficiency, NPSH and a wide range of mechanical parameters.

MEGATECH's Pumps Plus team of pump professionals is dedicated to providing rapid response to customer needs for pump systems, parts and service. Pumps Plus ensures that each customer's requests are handled with care and expedience.

Engineering Services

Design Features

Multiple Impeller selections for optimum performance and efficiency.

Tapered Bore Stuffing Box for longest mechanical seal life on cast sizes.

Dual lantern ring configuration available for packed stuffing box

Back pullout construction standard on cast sizes

Robust bearing frame and shaft for long life on critical, continuous duty services

Operating Data

Pump size 5” to 36”
Flow up to 15,000 m³ / hr
Head up to 9 meter
Temperature up to 300° C
Max. working Pressure 10 Bar

Performance Family Curve

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